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- Monique Curry-Mims

Spoiler alert: In the season finale of LOOT on Apple TV, the billionaire main character decides to  stop trying to be “philanthropic” for all the wrong reasons — she pledges… [...]

- Valerie Johnson
Youth-led Solutions for a More Just Society

According to the Pennsylvania UCR, nearly 14,000 youth under the age of 18 were arrested in 2022. While there are a number of factors that lead to youth coming into contact… [...]

- Monique Curry-Mims
Why Philanthropy Can’t Overlook the Mayoral Primaries

Yesterday was MLK Day, and while most celebrated his leadership and dream, we often overlook the ideals and quotes associated with such celebrations. As philanthropists, we should understand one thing… [...]

- Monique Curry-Mims
Going Beyond the Dollar: Strengthening the Support System of Grandfamilies

By: Jennifer Stavrakos, Interim Director of the Great Learning Program, William Penn Foundation, Guest Contributor In Philadelphia, more than 17,000 children are estimated to live in homes where grandparents provide their primary care. These… [...]

- Andrew Huff

Prosocial behavior is the intent to benefit others, such as helping, sharing, donating, co-operating, and volunteering. Since 2016, Bethesda Project’s Church Shelter Program (CSP) for chronically homeless men has committed… [...]

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