Philadelphia-based Biotech Companies Announce IPOs

The region’s robust fundraising in the life sciences sector continues as two Philadelphia-based biotechnology companies recently announced initial public offerings.

Century Therapeutics, Inc. announced the closing of its initial public offering valued at $242.7 million on June 22. The company is utilizing a comprehensive cell therapy platform to develop transformative allogeneic cell therapies. Century Therapeutics’ genetically engineered, iPSC-derived iNK and iT cell products are designed to specifically target hematologic and solid tumor cancers. “We believe our commitment to developing off-the-shelf cell therapies will expand patient access and provides an unparalleled opportunity to advance the course of cancer care,” […]

Integral Molecular Invested in Talent

Integral Molecular is a founding member of Philadelphia’s biotech community and one of 18 companies currently comprising the  Life Science Talent Pipeline Collaborative, a project of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.

The company was founded more than two decades ago by three PhD and postdoctoral associates from the University of Pennsylvania. Integral is now an industry leader for innovative technologies for the discovery of therapeutics against difficult targets. Headquartered at 3711 Market Street in uCity Square, it is a company at the hub of a connected and collaborative community for biotech, life science, technology, and healthcare […]

Watch “Discovery Starts with Me” – An Inside Look at the Talent Behind the Cell and Gene Therapy Industry

Greater Philadelphia’s position as a leading life sciences hub is a draw to many looking to start or take the next step in their careers. As part of its proactive approach to supporting talent attraction and retention in the cell and gene therapy sector the CEO Council for Growth, through the “Discovery Starts with Me” video series, seeks to illustrate what makes the region so appealing.

With 40 cell and gene therapy R&D companies in the Greater Philadelphia region and as many as 11,274 jobs projected within the next decade in this exciting subsector of the life sciences, […]

Greater Philadelphia: Where Suburban Living and Employment in a Cutting-Edge Industry Easily Go Hand-in-Hand

Eleven highly connected counties comprise Greater Philadelphia, and spread throughout the entire region are employers dedicated to the discovery, commercialization, and delivery of cell and gene therapies. The result is accessibility to rewarding employment opportunities regardless of preference for urban, suburban, or rural living.

Discovery, Accessibility and Affordability: Three Reasons to Join the Thousands of Cell & Gene Therapy Employees Already Working in Greater Philadelphia

For the nearly 5,000 employees working cell & gene therapy who call Philadelphia home, it has proven to be the best of both worlds with attributes that satisfy both your personal and professional life.

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