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Greater Philadelphia: Where Suburban Living and Employment in a Cutting-Edge Industry Easily Go Hand-in-Hand

Eleven highly connected counties comprise Greater Philadelphia, and spread throughout the entire region are employers dedicated to the discovery, commercialization, and delivery of cell and gene therapies. The result is accessibility to rewarding employment opportunities regardless of preference for urban, suburban, or rural living.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Opens Manufacturing Facility

Philadelphia, Oct. 31, 2018–For over a century after the Civil War, Philadelphia laid claim to being the “Workshop of the World,” producing trains, tools, textiles, and a multitude of other manufactured goods. An event today at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) highlights the city’s present-day role in manufacturing 21st century products: tools for precision medicine.

CHOP partnered with the CEO Council for Growth of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia to host the grand opening of the hospital’s new Clinical Manufacturing Facility, which will produce clinical-grade biotechnology tools, known as vectors, to deliver […]

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