The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s regional CEO Council for Growth (CEO Council) has launched a plan to broaden its use of social media to promote Greater Philadelphia’s Cell & Gene Therapy and Connected Health Initiative (the Initiative). Leveraging this powerful tool will expand the Initiative’s ability to reach existing audiences and open the door to new ones.

Partners and stakeholders play a significant part in this strategy. You have the opportunity to influence your unique group of followers with news about innovations, discoveries, and cutting-edge research by sharing and re-sharing content, interacting with the CEO Council’s social posts, and using the hashtags #DiscoveryStartsHerePHL and #TalentResearchResultsPHL.

Currently the CEO Council has 1,487 followers on Twitter and 168 followers on LinkedIn. While this follower count has remained steady over time, after putting the revised social media plan into action, the CEO Council looks forward to seeing these numbers grow.

Here’s what the plan includes: 

  • Implementing increased posting

Sharing content more frequently will create a greater opportunity for engagement with followers. The CEO Council will post resources, news, and relevant content from partners, stakeholders and media several times per week.

  • Initiating influencer outreach

Identifying and partnering with social media influencers automatically creates contact with new audiences. Through the platforms and outlets of these highly engaged and well-connected figures, the CEO Council will reach new communities with stories that focus on the key message points of the Initiative: Talent. Research. Results. Momentum.

  • Instituting a paid campaign

Another way to reach beyond the current audience is to launch a paid campaign. Paid posts will target start-up and scaling companies, business leaders and researchers in national life science markets to establish the Greater Philadelphia region as a hub for cell and gene therapies and connected health technologies

How to help:

  • Utilize the hashtags #DiscoveryStartsHerePHL and #TalentResearchResultsPHL
  • Share, retweet, tag and engage with the CEO Council for Growth’s content

By using these hashtags, sharing and retweeting, liking or replying to the CEO Council for Growth’s posts and tagging the CEO Council for Growth when sharing content, partners and stakeholders can educate more people about the exciting life science news coming out of their companies and the Greater Philadelphia region.