A collaboration that includes the CEO Council for Growth, the University City Science Center, and University City District’s West Philadelphia Skills Initiative recently commissioned a research study to assess the workforce and talent needs of the cell and gene therapy and connected health industries in the Greater Philadelphia region. The intent was to ensure that Greater Philadelphia is well positioned to proactively address talent needs as these industries scale.  Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI), a Philadelphia-based economic consulting firm, was hired to conduct the analysis.

As part of the study, an advisory board of industry experts, human resources professionals, and academic researchers from throughout the region was convened to help frame and shape the research, and to provide guidance to ESI.  The firm’s work included surveys, interviews, and focus group meetings. ESI also utilized LinkedIn Talent Insights and Burning Glass Insights to help determine the current labor market supply and demand.  A review of quantitative and qualitative data identified barriers and opportunities for growth.

A final report is anticipated this spring, and will include an overview of the cell and gene therapy and connected health sectors on a national level; the role of Greater Philadelphia as a leader in these industries; and an assessment of the current and future supply of and demand for talent in the region at all relevant educational and skill levels. Stay tuned for the results!