“Big4Bio is the premier aggregator of financial, clinical, and business news on the life sciences sector. Our free, daily emails give you easy-to-scan headlines on key developments and links to content gleaned from dozens of credible industry sources. We produce individual summaries for the four most significant life sciences markets in the country: San Francisco, Boston, San Diego, and Philadelphia.” – Big4Bio website

Big3Bio is now Big4Bio with the addition of the Greater Philadelphia region to the group of biotech hubs covered by San Francisco-based BigBio Communications, global publishers of the leading aggregator service for the life sciences sector.  The expansion and rebranding announcement was made in March, with a June launch that coincided with Philadelphia’s hosting of the 2019 BIO International Convention.  The other regions that comprise Big4Bio are Boston, San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Big4Bio’s newsletters are free and provide daily coverage of industry news with links to press releases and media coverage, a calendar of events, event recaps, job announcements, developments, financial information, and sponsored profiles on companies, people, technologies, and organizations.  The Big4Bio Podcast showcases biotech and life sciences leaders and organizations.  Playlists can be found on the website, and the Philadelphia Podcast already features 16 tracks.  Other social channels include Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

In a Philadelphia Spotlight story published on the site on June 18, 2019, Big4Bio Editor Marie Daghlian wrote, “There’s so much happening in the Philadelphia region and it needs to be told – news, events, discoveries, clinical trials – all of it, and that is what we aim to do.  Our launch party, during the BIO Convention, was well attended, and we are excited to bring life science professionals in the greater Philadelphia area all the news and events that can help them shape the course of their companies, their industry, and their future.  Philadelphia, the city that invented modern democracy, is at the tipping point of becoming a major player in life sciences innovation and we aim to be part of its exciting future.”

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