This article was originally posted on MedCity News. 

MedCity’s conferences this year include a new population health event in New Orleans and a collaboration with HLTH that will see our annual patient engagement conference integrated into HLTH’s larger event. The season kicks off April 23 with our annual MedCity INVEST event in Chicago.

MedCity’s event calendar is jam-packed with healthcare conferences of interest. They include a variety of topics such as highlighting how health IT, medtech and biopharma startups are developing innovative approaches to address pain points in healthcare. One conference, CONVERGE, focuses on the intersection of innovations in cancer treatment and precision medicine with health IT. Another, INVEST Pop Health, explores how healthcare organizations are harnessing population health tools to improve chronic condition outcomes in their communities.

MedCity INVEST, April 23-24, Chicago

How can hospitals successfully integrate digital health tools? How has the traditional medical device industry evolved? How are chatbots and virtual assistants poised to transform healthcare? Is the consumerization trend in healthcare overhyped? Dr. Sachin Jain, CareMore CEO and Dr. Stephen Klasko, Jefferson Health CEO, will debate the issue. Angel investor and founder of Wellville Esther Dyson and Dr. Toby Cosgrove, the former Cleveland Clinic CEO who now serves as an adviser at Google Health, will also share insights from their work. These are some of the conversations that will take place at MedCity INVEST, in collaboration with MHIN, with opportunities for startups across health IT and life sciences to network with investors and potential collaboration partners. The event culminates in a pitch competition with tracks focused on diagnostics, medical device, biopharma, health IT, and health services companies. Check out the agenda and click here to register.

MedCity INVEST Pop Health, May 22, New Orleans

This event, in partnership with the New Orleans Business Alliance, focuses on population health. The conference will gather venture capitalists, hospital executives, payers, life science companies and startup entrepreneurs. Dr. Richard Milani, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer with Ochsner Health System, will give a keynote on how the health system’s innovation lab is addressing hypertension and diabetes, some of Louisiana’s most pressing healthcare challenges, through digital medicine programs. Wellville CEO Rick Brush will share some insights on how the organization, founded by angel investor Esther Dyson, is working with communities to support strategic planning on health needs, gaps and innovation. Ten startups focused on chronic disease management and population health will take center stage to present their technology to investor judges. Check out the agenda and click here register.

MedCity CONVERGE, June 19, Philadelphia

How are precision medicine, connected health, artificial intelligence, and value-based care being applied to the challenge of cancer treatment?  This event at the University City Science Center will highlight conversations on this topic as well as startups that are developing technology that can benefit cancer patients, their caregivers, improve care coordination and clinical decision support. Insoo Hyun with Case Western University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School will talk about the ethics of human germline editing for reproduction  and Penn Medicine Chief Innovation Officer Roy Rosin will take part in a panel discussion on using connected health to improve the patient experience. Read the agenda and click here to register.

MedCity INVEST Digital Health, September 17, Minneapolis

The conference explores pressing issues for healthcare organizations implementing digital health and collaborating with entrepreneurs. Topics have included interoperability for electronic health records, technology to support Medicaid patients, commercializing digital health tech and more. Startups will also have the opportunity to present to their digital health technologies to a team of judges. Check out the agenda and click here to register.

ENGAGE at HLTH, October 28, Las Vegas

MedCity’s patient engagement conference ENGAGE will be part of the broader HLTH conference at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino running from October 27-30. ENGAGE seeks to amplify the patient perspective through a series of discussions in this one-day event. Topics at ENGAGE will include how to use health tech tools to improve the patient experience, and the role of chief patient experience officers. Check out the program and click here to register.