In 2015, the CEO Council for Growth designed the Greater Philadelphia Regional Labor Market Survey to learn what challenges the region’s employers face in the recruitment and retention of their employees. The final report was released last week.

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What are some of the key findings?

Primary Challenges: Workforce preparedness and lack of essential skills are the primary challenges employers encounter with both recruiting and retaining entry-, mid-, and professional-level employees

Positive Hiring Trends: Job growth has been greatest for entry- mid- and professional-level employees. Employers predict that hiring rates for these levels will increase moderately over the next three to five years.

Essential Skills are Key to Employee Success: Th e four most important essential skills employers look for in their workforce (incumbent or new hires) are analytical thinking, achievement/effort, integrity, and dependability.

Employees Need Work-Based Experiences before Entering the Labor Market: A lack of essential skills and experience relevant to the specific job were cited as employers’ primary concerns with hiring and retaining employees.

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